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Continuously delivering cutting edge features that will help you become a better trader.

exclusive features


Easily track your active swing trades using our performance and instrument-specific dashboards.


Seamlessly add all of your swing trading data into our platform for a unified trade view.

Goal setting

Percentage-based goal setting per financial instrument to make sure you are tracking your success.


Preset scales from 1/5, 1/7, 1/10 and more for each of your financial instruments for optimal success.


Use our stock charts to monitor your swings, share charts, and add technical indicators.


Get an in-depth overview of how successful your trading strategies are using our pre-determined metric

Strategically build using cutting-edge products.


Don’t worry about your tools getting outdated, we purposefully built SwingTrackr to use the latest and greatest web technologies to continuously give you the best experience.

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Protecting your data from your computer to our servers.

It’s hard to trust applications on the web, that’s why we built SwingTrackr to use End-To-End encryption, so your data is safe.

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ISO/SOC Compliant

Our Infrastructure, development and information security comply with ISO and SOC standards to ensure your data and its handling is all done on par with enterprise standards

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Enough talk, see for yourself.

Product Overview

Take a look at our product video to see SwingTrackr dashboards in action. We built every dashboard to satisfy the needs of beginners and power traders alike

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$14.99 / month
Best for beginners

  • 5 financial instruments
  • Delayed Charts
  • Save Charts
  • 3 Technical indicators
  • Performance metrics
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Goal setting
  • Scale setting
  • Stock SEC Fillings
  • Stock News
  • Premium support
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24.99$ / Monthly
Best for active traders

  • Everything in Bronze
  • Realtime Charts
  • 5 Technical indicators
  • Basic Analytics
  • P/L indicators
  • Exit criteria estimates
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$49.99 / month
Best for power traders

  • Everything in Silver
  • Unlimited technical indicators
  • Notes
  • Discord chat integration
  • Workspaces
  • Advanced analytics
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